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Apsenti Hotel in Mykonos

• The Apsenti Hotel in Mykonos is a romantic boutique hotel, 10 minutes drive from Chora, the island main center. A quiet corner where you can check-in to rest, to relax, to read, to meditate to ponder and to love, in order to recover from the stress due to those occasional times of disturbance.

(Italiano) The Apsenti Hotel offers 23 romantic rooms surrounded by silence and peace. It's the ideal place for lovers in the red hot stage of their affair but it can work well as a tonic for those more consolidated associations. Children and animals are not allowed, so... sorry Fido, you with the dog-sitter and... Billy, you out to Grandma.

Apsenti hotel a MyconosThe inner rooms of the hotel are more requested as they give the impression of a deeper isolation, although silence in this place is so thorough that any noice, produced by the occasional steps of an employee, or even a car passing along the perimetral wall, can become a pleasant break to monotony.

Mornig breakfast is plentiful and variegated, although weight considerations may suggest a moderate approach. Great is the greek yogurth with honey, almonds and fruit, a classic in the greek islans, here interpreted with style.

The swimmingpool is nice and cosy, well designed with corners where you can lie protected by the half shadow of a camouflage net, with an iced drink in your hand, to read a book, or you can get a solid tan in plein air, with the occasional confort of a plunge. Wifi here is very efficient and you bet that more and more often you'll see guests spending their time navigating the Internet on their portable computers or smart phones from the pool side.

In the twilight, when the candle light overcomes the sunset, the athmosfere in the hotel gets to its brightest charme and the ambiance reaches the apical point of its attractiveness.

The people here are extreemely kind, helpful and discreet. You can find somebody available to help you at any time, night and day.

The wellness centre is open from 5 pm, with turkish bath and a massage parlour. On request the kitchen organizes romantic dinners, featuring a choice of dishes from the traditional islands cuisine, reinterpreted with elegance and taste by the chef.

The Apsenti hotel makes available a choiche of accommodations, none of which sports very large rooms. The more expensive sweets offer a larger number of ambients, on two levels, with a view on the Mediterranean see. Our room was no exeption, but it was really confortable, cosy, accurately managed, well furnished and provided with all the gadgets: tv sat, dvd, radio and a stereo where you can plug your music. Wifi works better in the patio outside the door and is best around the réception area. Outside the room door there is a private jacuzzi, available at any time, away from introusive glances, and a couch, perfect for an afternoon hour of relax

Public transportation stops just outside the main gate of the hotel, where you can board the bus to Ornos beach and Chora or, in the opposite direction, to Agios Ioannis beach. All this said, if you are keen to explore the island and its beaches, we recommend that you rent a scooter, a quad or a plain car. The hotel offers to its guests a small fleet of motorized vehicles for rent.

Apsenti hotel a MyconosWe have greately apreciated the chance to take a shower, before living to the airport, the last day of our holliday, after visiting the last inexplored corners of the island and plunging one more time in the swimmingpool, although we had already left our room.

The only thing that we have found somehow awkward is the automatic cleansing routine of the room private jacuzzi that goes off automatically, usually during the wee hours. The first time it happened, we grew allarmed quite a little bit.

Nonetheless, this is a place where we'd like to come back to stay and be greated from the nice people that work here.;
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